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Gavana (Anna Gavanas) debut EP, “Vicious Vibrations” on Swedish Label Meerkat Recordings

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 17, 2013 11:47 CET

Swedish producer Gavana is launching a dance floor explosion on her debut EP Vicious Vibrations. Combining the transgressive forces of digital dancehall with influences from complex electro and techno, Gavana’s music is inspired by Warrior Queen, MIA, The Bug and Major Lazer.

Gavana produces out of a DJ background at clubs on both sides of the Atlantic, with a penchant for modern dub and fierce, cheeky and dance floor oriented music:

- All those years as a vinyl DJ, for me there was no better way to engage with music at a very deep level. When composing tracks my DJ background works as a repertoire of influences and a framework to estimate how musical components operate in context. (Gavana in Elektron Newsletter, “Spotlight” 2012-08-10)

On “Vicious Vibrations,” Gavana draws upon the dancehall culture of Kingston’s soundsystem-tradition and the strategies from below by communities transgressing scarce resources and oppression.

Being a DJ, producer, remixer, music culture researcher as well as a label owner, Anna Gavanas is a mainstay of the Swedish electronic music scene. When producing, her perfect sense for musical intensity and mellowness guarantees a captivating listening experience.” (Gearjunkies, August 2012)

In a brand new world after (Gavana’s) Ears and Rears! Very good.” Listener at Swedish National Radio’s show ”Elektroniskt i P2,” facebook-page 10-02-13

”- Bass has always been the one element that gets me started. It is the most transformational auditive force there is.” Gavana in Swedish Underground Bible DIY, by Kristofer Anderson, Modernista 2013


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