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Gavana releases Malaga Nights EP June 4th on Swedish label Meerkat Recordings

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 12, 2014 12:22 CEST

Sleepless nights in Malaga’s party district bring Gavana (Anna Gavanas) back to the house
clubs of the 1990s, places where everything is possible and the party never ends. Malaga Nights oozes of 90s smokers like Robin S “Luv 4 Luv,” Jaydee’s “Plastic Dreams” and Mighty Dub Kats’ “Magic Carpet Ride.” On May 11th Swedish National Radio’s ”Elektroniskt i P2” aired tracks from the EP for the first time.

Palm trees, orange trees and blue skies above an urban beach inspire the first track ”Malagueta.” Gavana’s best friend singing along with partying Spaniards causes ”Fiesta Con Anaya.” ”Drunkorama” and ”El Andaluz” are built from field recordings on the streets of Malaga: drunks yelling, dogs barking and workers singing.

Malaga Nights follows up on Gavana’s previous EPs, ”Culture Vulture” and ”Vicious Vibrations,” which were played in Swedish National Radio’s  ”Elektroniskt i P2,” in Simon Bustamante’s ” Varvtal,” and covered by Johanna Paulsson, one of Sweden’s main music reviewers (Sonic
#68, 2013). With this new release, Gavana continues her mission as a driving force in the Swedish electronic music scene:

“Being a DJ, producer, remixer, music culture researcher as well as a label owner, Anna Gavanas is a mainstay of the Swedish electronic music scene. When producing, her perfect sense for musical intensity and mellowness guarantees a captivating listening experience.” (Gearjunkies, August 2012)

Malaga Nights is Gavana’s third EP on Meerkat Recordings, and its release coincides with the release of a remix-EP by Rona Geffen (Tel Aviv/ Berlin) where Gavana contributes with a remix of Rona Geffen’s track ”Just Fuck Me.”

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