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GDPR in Sweden lacks media coverage

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 19, 2016 15:45 CEST

European Commission welcomed the final adoption of the new EU data protection rules. This adoption means a robust level of EU data protection standards will become reality in all member states in 2018.

Two years from now sounds like plenty of time. Though two years in corporate life is a blink of the eye away. We’ve all read articles about the “Top 10 impacts of the GDPR” and slim summaries of the heavy regulation.

But who’s telling you how to tackle the changes? Where to start? How to find the ideal and individual strategy?

Even though the pressure is high and urgency is obvious, there’s a lack of open dialogue, awareness and big question marks are hanging over many heads. Certain units of organizations will (in-)directly deal with the GDPR such as Finance, IT, Legal and Management. Corresponding fines up to 4% of annual turnover will keep the CFO awake at night. Executives will be puzzled over the question who in the organization is handling which data. Risk and Information Managers need to get hold of the records that contain sensitive data. Lists of records need to be established, policy and procedures updated, responsibilities shifted, organizational structures reviewed. That’s just the beginning.

Nordic Privacy and Data Protection Talk gathers privacy experts, local authorities and advocates from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It opens a well-needed cross industrial dialogue among key stakeholders in government, corporations and activists. 

We at BizzGrid burn for improved privacy and data protection practices for private and corporate Sweden, and we encourage you to give our community efforts a louder voice, whether you are a practitioner, journalist or an enthusiast. 

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