Göran Persson skriver brev till Kofi Annan om situationen i Darfur

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 19, 2004 15:39 CEST

Statsminister Göran Persson har i ett brev till FN: s generalsekreterare Kofi Annan uttryckt sin oro för situationen i Darfur. I brevet välkomnar han att generalsekreteraren utsett Juan Méndez till särskild rådgivare för frågor som rör arbetet med att förhindra framtida folkmord.
Vidare inbjuder Göran Persson Juan Méndez till Sverige för att diskutera uppföljningen av Stockholm International Forum.

Stockholm, 19 July 2004

H.E. Mr. Kofi A. Annan
Secretary-General of the
United Nations

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

In relation to your recent timely visit to Sudan, I would like to share with you my concern over the urgent crisis in Darfur.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the United Nations, and to you personally, for the engagement you have shown in dealing with the serious situation in Darfur. In the spirit of our joint commitment at the Stockholm International Forum earlier this year, we must all shoulder our responsibility to protect groups identified as potential victims of genocide, mass murder or ethnic cleansing.

In this connection, I very much welcome your recent decision to appoint Mr. Juan Méndez as your Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. We look forward to work closely with him in his important duty.

It is crucial that the Security Council takes its responsibility towards the situation in Darfur. The international community must continue to give high priority to influencing the Government of Sudan to take the necessary measures, as well as to provide assistance to those in need in Darfur. It is encouraging that the African Union is taking such great responsibility towards peace and security on the African continent by sending an observer mission to the area. As you know, Sweden, together with a number of other EU member states, is participating in that mission.

We have also traditionally been, and still are, a large financial contributor to the UN and other humanitarian organisations in Sudan. In addition Sweden is, through our active membership in SHIRBRIG, closely involved in the preparations for a UN observer mission to southern Sudan, following a comprehensive peace agreement. In order to be able to follow and assess more closely the developments in Sudan, we will shortly increase our diplomatic presence in the country.

My government has tried to be instrumental in making sure that the European Union demonstrates its full support to your efforts, as reflected in the encouraging communiqué signed between the United Nations and the Government of Sudan, during your visit to the country. In particular, one of the EU:s demands is that the Government of Sudan must co-operate with the United Nations on the protection of human rights. The normalisation of EU-relations with Sudan will depend on immediate and verifiable progress in Darfur, in particular through disarmament of the militia.

One issue that needs to be efficiently addressed is that of impunity.As suggested by Sweden, the European Union has called for measures to ensure that those responsible for breaches and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Darfur will be brought to justice. We stand ready to co-operate with all relevant parts of the United Nations to ensure that Darfur will not become a place where impunity prevails. I would suggest that our officials keep in touch on this matter.

There is still a need for urgent action in many fields to respond properly and efficiently to the crisis in Darfur. I am encouraged by the leadership that you have shown in managing the crisis. The Swedish government will continue to support and work with the United Nations in all of its continued efforts in Darfur and Sudan.

Yours truly,

Göran Persson

Stockholm, 19 July 2004

Mr. Juan Méndez
Special Adviser on the Prevention
of Genocide
Office of the Secretary-General
United Nations

Dear Mr. Méndez,

It is with great pleasure that I have received word from the Secretary-General of the United Nations of your appointment as his Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. Your distinguished background in the field of human rights makes you an excellent choice for this important post. I congratulate you to this appointment and would like to express the willingness of my government to work closely together with you in the future.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit Stockholm at your earliest convenience. My government is fully committed to the follow up of the Stockholm International Forum, which this year, as you know, was devoted to the issue of preventing genocide. We would like this follow up to be closely linked to your efforts and look forward to a close partnership with you.

Yours sincerely,

Göran Persson


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