The Barista League


Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 01, 2017 22:56 CEST

On the 10th of September the national barista champions of Nordic countries will come together for a very special showcase and training weekend. These four baristas, and their teams, represent the best baristas the Nordic countries have to offer. This is a unique opportunity for them to prepare and collaborate before they all travel to Seoul in South Korea in November to compete in the World Barista Championships.

The superstar baristas will present their championship routine in front of a panel of experienced judges and competitors including 3 time Italian champion Francesco Sanapo, 2016 world championship finalist Lex Wennecker and world renowned judges Nora Smahelova, Blazej Walczykiewicz and Lukasz Jura. ‘It’s the ultimate opportunity to get the most up to date feedback from fellow competitors and world class judges..’ says Jarno Peräkylä of the showcase.

The World Barista Competition pits national champions against each other in a 15 minute presentation focusing on creativity, precision and mastery of coffee brewing. Each competitor must serve four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks all focusing on the taste experience of the coffee they have brought for the judges.

Bringing these four champions and their teams together will not only create a stronger and more connected Scandinavian Team, but also provide valuable experience for the competitors and hopefully put Nordic baristas back at the top of the world competitions.

When: September 10,2017
Where: Ally Coffee, Gothenburg. Sweden.
What: A world class barista showcase by the four national champions of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Why: Bringing together the 4 best baristas in the Nordic countries to learn, practice and develop together in preparation for the World Barista Competition in Seoul, 2017,