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Great savings on international calls with new mobile app!

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 18, 2010 16:27 CET

With the new mobile application OO Phone from Operator One it is simple to make great savings on all international phone calls. All you need to do is to download the application – for free! – and choose to make your phone calls from there instead.

Anyone with an iPhone or Android phone looking for an easy way to make low cost phone calls to friends and family abroad should install the application OO Phone. With OO Phone it is possible to save as much as 98 percent on the cost for any international call.

– We provide a service that makes it simple to make smart and affordable calls abroad. You should definitely not have to sit by a computer to save money! says Daniel Dersén, CEO at Operator One.

With the application OO Phone installed, your phone will call a local, national phone number and automatically connect it to the international number you have dialed. Great savings can be made this way, and it is possible with out Wi-Fi or other broadband data connections.

– I am not a fan of traditional operators who really abuse consumers’ passivity and charge rates that are simply quite absurd! With OO Phone it is possible to make smart and cheap international calls, without any hassle. Also, the quality of our phone lines is comparable to Telia’s, while our rates are just one tenth of theirs, says Daniel Dersén.

A ten minutes’ phone call with Operator One to a mobile phone in Thailand costs 2:30 SEK plus the normal rate for a local phone call. With Telia the same call would cost 223 SEK.

For more information

Daniel Dersén, CEO at Operator One, phone +46 70 847 04 84, e-mail daniel.dersen@operatorone.com

Operator One is an international network independent operator making it possible to make international mobile phone calls at a local rate. No phone card, computer or software is needed, nor the change of phone, operator or subscription. The service is available in 39 countries and offers savings of as much as 98 percent compared to normal call rate. Read more at www.operatorone.com.