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Greece’s Emporiki Bank Deploys Todos Authentication Technology

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 15, 2008 14:10 CEST

Todos, a leading provider of strong user authentication products, today announced that Emporiki Bank is the first Greek financial institution to start a full deployment of the Todos eCodeTM technology.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN AND ATHENS, GREECE-SEPTEMBER 15, 2008-Todos, in close cooperation with Greek partner Adacom, has provided a complete reader and server solution to Emporiki Bank - including the Todos Signature, the Todos Authenticator as well as the eCodeTM Central System Server - using EMV-CAP cards. Emporiki Bank is the first bank in Greece to launch a card-based solution and by doing so sets a new standard in domestic Internet banking technology.

Both Todos Signature and Todos Authenticator are cutting-edge devices with top-range functionality, allowing the deployment of very effective challenge/response security schemes. Todos Signature is a truly mobile, lightweight and compact card reader with PIN protection - without a large PIN pad, but instead with a small scroll wheel. Authenticator is in itself an expression of robust security, with separate function buttons and a large display but still small and portable.

"We warmly welcome Emporiki Bank as a Todos customer," said Mr. Ulf Dahlberg, Director of Sales at Todos. "By utilizing a complete eCodeTM solution, Emporiki has the perfect tool for providing their clients with the best possible Online banking service."

"Secure and user friendly products are always going to be an important factor when settling for a solution," said Mr. Steven Eliopoulos, Head of Direct Banking at Emporiki Bank. Todos' eCodeTM products are easy to use and very portable, whilst still being a truly future-proof and reliable product for our customers."

‘'Strong Authentication has become a critical factor for most e-banking applications'' said Panos Vassiliadis General Manager of Adacom. ‘'By choosing Todos, Emporiki Bank implemented a highly secure and customer friendly solution that will be shortly adopted by their e-banking customers''

Emporiki Bank commenced the roll-out of the devices to both their private and corporate clients on September 1.

Emporiki Bank is the parent company of one of the largest financial groups in Greece. Headquartered in Athens, it holds activities in domestic and international capital and money markets, through its network of over 450 branches, including 80 in Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Rumania and the UK. The Credit Agricole Group, one of the largest at an international level, holds approximately 72% of Emporiki Bank's share capital thus providing access to its network of more than 70 countries.

Todos Data System AB (Todos) is a Swedish company with global presence, dedicated to providing strong authentication for Internet banking and e-Commerce. Todos has world leading competence in designing and delivering user-friendly, secure, robust and cost-efficient solutions to anyone, anywhere.

Adacom SA, a subsidiary of Ideal, is active in the Information Systems Security market. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Athens - Greece, Adacom provides cutting edge solutions, services and products to Public, Private and Financial sector customers, in Greece, Cyprus and Eastern Europe.

For further information please contact:

Steven Eliopoulos
Head of Direct Banking, Emporiki Bank
+30 210 328 4005

Reneza Kungulovski
Key Account Manager, Todos
+46 31 775 88 00

Panos Vassiliadis
General Manager, Adacom
+30 210 51 93 740