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Swedes invest in Polish wind power

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 08, 2010 08:30 CET

Greenfield Wind, a young Swedish wind power developer with Polish roots strengthens Sweden’s environmental profile in Europe.

On October 14th, 2010 Greenfield Wind signed a project development agreement for wind power in Poland with Italian energy company Relight. The development agreement is for 100 MW early stage wind power projects, a total investment amounting to app. 175 million EUR.

The deal means that Greenfield Wind together with Relight develop parts of Greenfield Wind’s project portfolio in Poland. After the projects are finished Relight will own and operate the wind power turbines.

Relight’s goal is to develop and own 300 MW of wind power in Poland and the collaboration with Greenfield Wind is the first investment done on the Polish market.

The deal is also an important step towards reaching the Polish 2020 environmental goals.

The projects included in the deal are situated in the northeastern part of Poland. The municipals concerned are positive to wind power projects and welcome the large investments planned in the area. Wind measurements will begin during 2010 and construction is planned to commence in 2013.

”The deal with Italian Relight is a strong indicator that the market for renewable energy in Poland attracts a large international interest. We have seen that cultural and language barriers have been a large obstacle for many companies interested in the polish wind power industry. Greenfield Wind has overcome these obstacles with our local presence and expertise and successfully reached Polish land owners. Our team has done a remarkable effort this far and we have the capacity to conclude one or two more deals of this size within the next year”, says Daniel Lundin, Partner and CFO at Greenfield Wind.

For further information please contact:

Peter Hogren, CEO, Greenfield Wind (Poland)

+48 531 217316,

Daniel Lundin, CFO, Greenfield Wind (Sweden)

+46 703 53 21 65,

Marcello Deplano, CEO, Relight CEE (Poland)

+48 724 86 81 14,

Greenfield Wind is a wind power developer that since 2009 exclusively develops wind power projects in Poland. The business model meets both the needs of customers and land owners in order to secure the highest quality in the projects. Greenfield Wind has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Warsaw, Poland and is owned by its founders and a number of private investors. For more information, please visit the website

Relight Group develops and manages projects for the production of energy from renewable sources in Italy and worldwide. The Group has earned a position of leadership in international markets through its quest for alternative solutions and advanced technologies coupled with the guarantee of clean energy production and distribution. Relight operates in Poland through its subsidiary Relight CEE. For more information, please visit the website