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GREYBEARDS the Story from Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 22, 2016 13:55 CET


Är det värt att spela 3 låtar på en förfest till en festival som du i alla fall ska spela på, som första förbandet?

Absolut - det giget gav Greybeards skivkontrakt. 

Debutalbumet "Longing to Fly" släpptes i Sverige våren 2015 och mycket har hänt sedan dess, inte så mycket hemma i gamla Sverige som inte uppskattar sin egen musik förrän andra gör det. Men Greybeards har haft ett fantastiskt år och releasen nu i övriga Europa med hjälp av distributören Soul Food i Hamburg ger en extra skjuts. Samarbetet med Gordeon Music PR i Berlin har inneburit mycket för Greybeards. Att vara med i tyska upplagan av Classic Rock Magazine i en intervju, en recension och ett spår på medföljande CD:n var verkligen startskottet till att övriga recensenter vaknade till och sångaren Olle Westlund håller telefonintervjuer på löpande band och radiostationerna spelar Greybeards för fullt i Tyskland. 

Charmiga och energiska Greybeards har dessutom en liveshow som är mycket imponerande!


Is is worth it to play 3 songs at a pre-party to a festival you're anyway will play at, as the opening act?
Sure is - that was the starting point for Greybeards record deal.

Greybeards debut album, “Longing to Fly” was released in 2015 back home in Sweden, and in january 2016 in the rest of Europe with a lot of PR work put down to it through Gordeon Music PR in Berlin. The reviews keep coming in and high scores one after the other. No-one can resist Greybeards, and the reputation of being a great live band is spreading throughout Europe. Two music videos is also out on the market - “Memories” and “Take the Fight” about dreaming to Tour.

GREYBEARDS was featured in Classic Rock Mgzn (DE) a interview, a review and a track on the CD in 50 000 ex for the market in Germany, Austria and Schweitzerland things really started to happen.

Other reviews and a lot of air plays on more than 20 radiostations in Germany is the result. The label, ATTITUDE RECORDINGS wonder who wants to be among the first to brag about having GREYBEARDS at their club playing live before they really hit it big time.
BOOK Greybeards for their EU tour - something you won't regret!

- "Fantastic Retro-Grunge debut from Sweden!" - CLASSIC ROCK MGZN (DE) - Review 6/10
- "Longing to Fly strong Rock album made for the Road!" - METAL HAMMER (DE) - Review 5/7
- “An impressive album!" - ROCK HARD MGZN (DE) - Review 7,5/10
- “A touch of their own!" - ROCKS CD (DE) - Review 3/6

- "This album is more than just another rock act, it's a labour of love." - POWERPLAY ROCK Mgzn (UK)
- "We are dealing with a really good rock album!" - LEGACY CD - Review 12/15

- “Swedish rockers Greybeards have been around for three years or so and have built up a reputation as a force to be reckoned with live. What surprised me most about these guys though is their lack of years on this planet. All the members of the band are only 21, not that this should influence my review at all and it doesn’t, because Greybeards show a musical maturity that usually only comes with time and plenty of gigging.” - UBER ROCK (DE)

- “Greybeards first release is enjoyable and I’m positive they have what it takes to go further…”
- "Greybeards from Sweden - just 21 throws at pathos an all mainstream rock clubs claim "We'll Never Die". When,  
   if not now?" - ROLLING STONE CD - Review 3/5 

Airplays on Radio (DE):

Radio Bremen 4

Radio Berlin 88,8

Big FM

Big Fm Saarland

Rock Antenne Bayern


Radio Gong 96,3



RDS Radio

Classic Rock Radio

Radio Rheinwelle


Freies Radio Wiesental

Radio Jade

Raute FM

Digitales Uniradio bit eXpress

Kiel FM

Ju:Nai Radio Magdeburg

Alooga / Ottic FM

Radio Okerwelle (Stargazer)


Freies Radio Kassel


Hochschulradio Düsseldorf

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