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GuardTools® invests in Polish and Spanish business

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 17, 2014 11:09 CEST

Gothenburg, September 2014. The Blue Mobile Systems team behind the operations support system GuardTools® is investing in extended sales activities towards the Polish market. In addition an opportunistic approach to Spanish and Latin American customers is also pursued. Artur Giwer, from AIFirmness, with many years of sales and business development experience from the security market, joins the GuardTools® global team.

“Seeing existing GuardTools® customers in the Nordics describe the solution as the markets’ best IT-based operations support and the best we have seen on the market was giving me the confidence that I could be on to something big”, states Artur Giwer. “As well as the fact that they became Security Company of the Year - and after getting an own introduction into the system, I was sold. Now I realise I can use my experience and knowledge of the Polish and Spanish markets to make a dramatic change. All cheating companies will get a hard time and all the ones that want to win major profitable business will find me as their best friend”.

“The growing Polish market has been under our attention for quite a while. And when we met Artur Giwer, with his very relevant experience of supplying the market with basic proof of presence solutions, we knew he could be our man. With GuardTools® he can now lift all guarding companies that are interested to a complete other level of quality operations and end-client reporting. He will help them to win major business from large end-clients that are serious about security”, notes Leo de Meere. “The fact that Artur is fluent in Spanish too, added the possibility to also direct attention to Spain and parts of Latin America - which just feels like an enormous bonus of our deal together”.

With focus on Security and Facility Management, Blue Mobile Systems serves top quality companies in Europe that apply GuardTools® into the whole of their organisations. GuardTools® offers full process operations support and comprises three applications: GuardTools® Mobile for officers in the field, GuardTools® Web, offering a content rich web portal and GuardTools® Office with broad operational support for management.

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