Gunther Sonnenfeld, Digital Strategist & Advertising Technologist

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 14, 2010 14:52 CET

"Transmedia expert"

Gunther Sonnenfeld is a Digital Strategist & Advertising Technologist with 15 years of Fortune 500 and global non-profit experience; he has developed multi-channel campaigns and product launches for the likes of the US Army, Rockstar Games, Kraft, Roll International (POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora), Motorola, Safeway, Sony, Toyota, the NBA, The PGA TOUR and WB Music; his cause-related work includes projects for groups such as the NRDC, The Annenberg Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

As a technologist, he has co-developed seven proprietary platforms, and as a consultant, he frequently advises investment banks (JP Morgan, Bank of America), private equity firms and venture capital groups on new media and technology trends.

Gunther is a regular contributor to leading industry publications such as iMedia Connection and is a published author. His most recent work can be seen in Connect! Marketing in the Social Media Era, a collaborative book featuring insights from 100 thought leaders in social media, led by Jeff Caswell, VP of Interactive Marketing for Danone of North America (Evian, Dannon); proceeds are being dedicated to the Susan J. Komen for The Cure.

He is also an award-winning documentarian, and took top honors at X-Dance in 2006 for his work on FLOW, a 35-year historical perspective on one of world’s most successful action sports brands, Channel Islands Surfboards, now owned by Burton International. More recently, Gunther became an adjunct professor at the prestigious Miami Ad School, a partnership with CP B, where he ran the school’s very first communications planning bootcamp. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Canada’s Institute for the Future, a new non-profit, educational transmedia platform that is a partnership with Stanford University’s IFTF, backed by the University of Waterloo, RIM and TEDx Global.