Heckscher lecture 2016 with Paul M. Romer

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 15, 2016 15:21 CEST

Welcome to the Eli F. Heckscher lecture 2016 with keynote speaker Paul M. Romer.

Paul M. Romer is a Professor of Economics at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. In September he becomes Chief Economist of the World Bank

His most important academic work is in the field of economic growth. Romer is one of the pioneers of endogenous growth theory, which shows that investments in human capital and spillover effects are significant contributors to innovation and economic growth.

Romer's thesis in economics 1983, led to his most noted articles “Increasing Returns of Long Run Growth” (1986) and “Endogenous Technological Change” (1990). Paul M. Romer is the founding director of the NYU Stern Urbanization Project and Director of the Marron Institute of Urban Management at the same university. Before coming to NYU, he taught at Stanford, and while there, started Aplia, an education technology company. He earned a bachelor of science in mathematics and a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago.

Date: Thursday September 15th
Time: 17.15-18.45
Address: Handelshögskolan Stockholm, Sveavägen 65
Room: Aulan

The Heckscher lecture is held in cooperation between the Ratio Institute and the Institute for Economic and Business History. It is held each year to honor Professor Eli F Heckscher and his work. Heckscher was active at the Stockholm School of Economics as an economist and economic-historian and he was a leading scholar in those subjects for half a century.

His work was mainly focused on economic theory and methods, Swedish economic history and institutional economic analyses. He is most famous for co-developing the Heckscher-Ohlin theorem in international economics.

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- Entreprenörskap, marknadsekonomi och tillväxt 

- Företagandets villkor - lagar, regler och värderingar 

- Hur politisk förändring kommer till stånd 

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