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HiNation Newsletter - Aug 2012

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 31, 2012 12:19 CEST

Everyone is back at the office! Now we are ready to take on the autumn with renewed energy – and we like
renewable energy, as you know! J A large order from India was just confirmed; a good start on the autumn,
more info to come. Here’s some more news:

•  Looking for volume? – Are you planning to buy 20 HiLights or more? E-mail Kristina on
kristina.linhardt@hination.se to get a voucher worth 500€. It is only valid until Sep 7th, so hurry up!

• BLOW & Orrefors Charity auction on Aug 11th – HiNation and HiLight was selected by BLOW! and
Orrefors to convert proceeds, thanks to our ability to be able to clearly show where the money goes,
and the concrete benefits for the recipients.

"It's great that our passion for glass and crafts can be turned into light for those who really need it," said Markus Emilsson, a member of BLOW.

Proceeds are converted into HiLights to support the members of the organization ‘MUST’, an NGO
organizing women in Mathare Valley, in the outskirts of Nairobi. Read the full press release here. If
you missed the auction, you can still contribute by donating through our webshop.

• Technology Exchange Lab (TEL) - HiLight by HiNation is proud to be featured on TEL, a platform
where the global community can share and discuss innovative solutions to problems of poverty and
sustainability. Click here to see how HiLight is able to provide solutions to lighting and charging in
developing countries.

• Brainstorming in process… This week, we gathered some HiLight friends to find out what products to
add-on to HiLight. Phone charging cables, radios, USB-powered lamps, fans and fridges. What would
YOU like to combine with HiLight? Mail Max with your wishes & ideas on wenxiang.pang@hination.se.

• Perfect birthday gift for someone who got everything? Don’t worry! Order Gift Certificates in our

Back in a month,
Linda Krondahl
CEO HiNation AB

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HiNation® was founded in 2008 by Linda Krondahl, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Technology Management. HiNation cooperates with external expertise, organisations and universities for product development, manufacturing and sales. Our mission is to provide the best solar powered products to people around the globe, focusing on two markets - Outdoor users www.hination.com and Off-grid users www.hination.org.

Today 1,7 billion people, about 25% of the world's population, lack access to electricity. Instead, they get light from open fires, kerosene lamps or battery flash lights. The result is unhealthy emissions, affecting the health of people locally and the environment globally, but also the risk related to fires in areas where water often is a scarce resource. With HiNation's portable solar panel HiLight they can produce their own energy for durable lighting and charging cell phones and other portable device.