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HiNation Newsletter - May 2013: Increasing Agriculture Productivity

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 11, 2013 16:25 CEST

Growing Interest in HiLight as a tool to Increase Agriculture Productivity

During the recent visit to an ongoing project in Botswana, we received a growing interest in using HiLight to increase agriculture productivity in a variety of applications. During our meeting with the Botswana Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Christiaan De Graaff and his staff members (picture above), provided their views on additional ways of benefiting and usage were identified. Some examples:

  • Cattle: usage at cattle-posts, and improving quality of produced milk
  • Poultry: increasing growth rate of chickens 
  • Small & subsistence farmers: longer work hours with improved light sources

As part of our visit to Botswana, a workshop was held in Mahalapye with about 30 local business men and women attending, and arranged together with WIBA, Women in Business Association, and AABWA, American African Business Women Association. The event resulted in an article in Daily News, one of the main newspapers of Botswana. To read the full article published in Daily News on May 6th, click here

HiNation Selected for "Swedish Minds" Fair in San Diego

The Consulate of Sweden in San Diego, USA, is arranging an event presenting a selection of recent Swedish inventions: " We are exhibiting a remarkable collection of the best Swedish innovations that make our lives much easier and safer". We at HiNation are very proud to be selected as on of the few products and companies featured in the event taking place on June 13th! 

For more information, visit Swedish Minds.

Swedish Energy Delegations in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

During May, HiNation participated in two Swedish delegations with a focus on energy and clean-tech. We were fortunate to meet both local companies, potential partners as well as government and international players active in these areas.

During one of the presentations, HiLight got a great opportunity to prove itself as a tool not only useful in a rural setting, but also as a tool for urban population to handle everyday situations such as power-cuts and load-shedding!

Oskar Goes to Africa...

Literally. Oskar Klarén is has just packed his bag to walk (!) from Oslo to Tanger, a distance of over 4.000 km. We have provided him with one of our HiLights to cover some of his needs during this amazing trip. If you want to follow Oskar during his adventure, check out his blog!

HiNation® was founded in 2008 by Linda Krondahl, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Technology Management. HiNation cooperates with external expertise, organisations and universities for product development, manufacturing and sales. Our mission is to provide the best solar powered products to people around the globe, focusing on two markets - Outdoor users www.hination.com and Off-grid users www.hination.org.

Today 1,7 billion people, about 25% of the world's population, lack access to electricity. Instead, they get light from open fires, kerosene lamps or battery flash lights. The result is unhealthy emissions, affecting the health of people locally and the environment globally, but also the risk related to fires in areas where water often is a scarce resource. With HiNation's portable solar panel HiLight they can produce their own energy for durable lighting and charging cell phones and other portable device.