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HiNation Newsletter - Sep 2012: HiLight improves life in Somaliland

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 01, 2012 11:35 CEST

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HiLight donated by Swe-Golis to Somaliland (https://www.swe-golis.se)

** Donation of HiLights to nomads in Somaliland
HiNation are proud to work with Swe-Golis, Swedish-Somalian Environmental Co-operation (Svensk-Somalisk Miljösamverkan) to donate HiLights to nomads in Somaliland society.

As mentioned by Svensk-Somalisk Miljösamverkan, “HiLights were used to improve nutrition and quality of life. We are very grateful for the cooperation which made these donations possible.” Read more about Swe-Golis (http://www.swe-golis.se/?page_id=11) .

If you have similar ideas to provide light and charging to people, please email info@hination.se (mailto:info@hination.se) .

** SROI - Social Return on Investment
SROI is a term that we hear a lot about these days. It tries to capture not only financial, but also social benefits and aspects of an investment, in our case investing in HiLight. As you are a competent audience, we would love to hear your thoughts: is SROI relevant and useful? If you never heard about it, read more about SROI here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_return_on_investment) .

We are also looking for a person or group of students who would be interested in exploring the SROI for HiLight as a student thesis or Minor Field Study. Mail your thoughts and ideas to Linda at linda.krondahl@hination.se (mailto:linda.krondahl@hination.se?subject=SROI%20feedback) .

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** HiLight featured in Gadgetose
Gadgetose (http://gadgetose.com/) is a website that features the latest innovative technology, news and apps. They recently reviewed HiLight, read their review here (http://gadgetose.com/hilight-solar-powered-lantern-charger/) .

Linda Krondahl, CEO
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HiNation® was founded in 2008 by Linda Krondahl, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Technology Management. HiNation cooperates with external expertise, organisations and universities for product development, manufacturing and sales. Our mission is to provide the best solar powered products to people around the globe, focusing on two markets - Outdoor users www.hination.com and Off-grid users www.hination.org.

Today 1,7 billion people, about 25% of the world's population, lack access to electricity. Instead, they get light from open fires, kerosene lamps or battery flash lights. The result is unhealthy emissions, affecting the health of people locally and the environment globally, but also the risk related to fires in areas where water often is a scarce resource. With HiNation's portable solar panel HiLight they can produce their own energy for durable lighting and charging cell phones and other portable device.