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Hök Instrument & Screen4 Agree Rapid Alcohol Screening Partnership

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 26, 2016 17:13 CEST

Hök Instrument and Screen4 have signed a long-term partnership agreement for the marketing and sales of the Sesame™ Connect, networked, rapid, alcohol-screening device. The agreement covers the United Kingdom, the Middle East region and the extensive list of Screen4's customers in the airline sector around the globe.

Screen4 has a proven track record in providing the full range of drug / alcohol testing services to their customers, worldwide. David Grouse, Director, Screen4 commented, “Sesame Connect’s combination of great speed, ease-of-use and network capability will allow us to offer our customers a new level of service, including daily 100% alcohol screening of safety-sensitive employees to ensure a truly sober workplace.”

“Screen4’s exceptional customer service levels and long-term approach to business makes them a fantastic partner for us. With numerous reports of pilots being arrested on suspicion of being impaired through alcohol (including four pilots from two different airlines at Glasgow airport over the last two months) there is clearly potential for 100% daily alcohol screening of aircrew to make a positive contribution to safety,” said Lasse Tenerz, Chairman, Hök Instrument. 

Hök Instrument AB (www.hokinstrument.com) has developed new sensor technologies since 1986, based in Västerås, Sweden. The focus since 2005 has been to develop a new infrared sensor technology, in collaboration with Autoliv AB and SenseAir AB. The aim is to produce products that are quick and easy enough to allow broad adoption of alcohol testing in occupational and traffic safety applications.