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How will technology transform our business, social and economic fortunes?

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 07, 2011 09:49 CET

However, there is often an imbalance of focus, with most people looking at the latest tech tools, instead of at the impacts they will have on business operations.  Technology Frontiers will address this, bringing together the world’s most interesting and intelligent thinkers to challenge current dogma and to open business leaders’ minds to new possibilities and ideas. 

With a programme crafted by Economist Conferences and led by The Economist’s Digital Editor, Tom Standage, a global authority on technology & business issues and one of Wired magazine's Top 100 digital power brokers, the event will provide insight into how business, social and economic fortunes will transform as an impact of technology.  It will also analyse how people will live and work in the future and provide insight into the ways European companies can anticipate and adapt to change, find new markets and new ways to compete.

With input from advisory-board members Ricoh Europe, Visa Europe, Cranfield School of Management, frog design, BP Alternative Energy, BBC Future Media and Technology, Lovefilm and Accenture, Economist Conferences is developing a programme that will provoke thought and discussion around how technology will reshape the world and the businesses of the future. 

Confirmed speakers include: Cory Doctorow, who will explain how technology will change attitudes to content and creativity, and the social impact this will have; Esra Al Shafel, who will tell the inspiring story of how she is using technology to facilitate social change in the Middle East; and Aleks Krotoski, who will describe how technology has changed the way people influence each other, and what that means for business.

As part of the Technology Frontiers programme, the Economist intelligence Unit is also conducting in-depth research, sponsored by Ricoh Europe, also founding sponsor of the event, on the topic of “the new agents of business change”. The findings will be presented and explored at the Technology Frontiers summit.

Commenting, Tom Standage, the event’s chair, said, “Technology Frontiers is a brand-new event for the inquisitive mind. We will be exploring the most exciting future technologies – helping companies to anticipate and adapt to change, as well as preparing them for the competitive frontiers of the future.”

Carsten Bruhn, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Europe said: “It’s incredible to think that twenty years after the digital revolution began to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, it is only now we are seeing the true digital transformation it has brought to the way we work and live.  And still, as we look to the future there is so much more to happen; the transformation of business processes, more efficient employee knowledge sharing and the ability to react faster to customer needs.  The Technology Frontiers programme is an exciting combination of discussions about the impacts of technology on businesses today as well as considering what is going to happen tomorrow.”

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