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HTL - A new hotel concept reflecting the world of today

Press release   •   Jan 23, 2014 07:00 CET

HTL Hotels is an innovative new hotel concept that will be a suitable alternative for the new generation of travellers who besides searching for great location, quality and price also value personalized and an all-around simplifying digital experience. Only what's necessary and only the best.

In May of 2014 HTL Hotels will open its first branch on the shopping street Kungsgatan in the very city centre of Stockholm. With its 274 rooms, the hotel will represent the starting point of a brand new hotel concept that will offer only what’s necessary and only the best - to a very attractive price.

“The idea behind HTL is to provide a modern and individualized hotel experience without having to pay a fortune. By combining great quality, location and price with space saving room solutions, we offer the essence of a great hotel experience without compromising on quality or comfort. Our guests only pay for the space they use”, says Joachim Högefjord, MD HTL Hotels.


The optimized concept is reflected in the 12,5 square meter hotel rooms where the functional and module inspired interior is carefully chosen and custom designed for HTL with a timeless, Nordic, feminine and sporty expression.

The fair colour scheme creates a spacious and serene atmosphere through the added gradients and large mirrors. The simple shapes are combined with original details and a creative selection of materials, which gives the room a modern and confident attitude.

The prestigious architect firm Koncept Stockholm is responsible for the unique interior and design of HTL. Project Manager Hanna Kucera Wengelin elaborates:

“The room should be a calm and peaceful space, that together with elements of modern and technical materials create an active energy. Kind of like a cashmere sweater with an edge.”

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Gül Heper, Commercial Manager HTL Hotels
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The essence of a great hotel experience.

The idea is simple: leave out the unnecessary and enhance the quality of the necessary.
HTL has global ambitions and the plan is to have 20 HTL up and running in major Nordic cities within five years.
Stockholm will see its first HTL as soon as May 2014.