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HTL hotels presents mobile key app as part of an innovative digital focus creating simplicity for the guests.

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 20, 2014 11:35 CEST

With their smart phone as a key, self-service check-in and booking available 24/7, all guests at HTL can enjoy an easy and personalized hotel stay.

Inspired by the best booking and e-commerce platforms of today, HTL is launching a 24/7 booking and check-in system to simplify the hotel experience.

It is easy to check in at HTL. The guests can choose if they want to check in while on their way and receive the room key directly in their mobile phone, or if they rather use the hotel’s check-in tablet to receive a key card. Either way, there is no more queuing at a reception.

The smartphone app which provides the room key also provides hotel information and a city guide. It is now being tested and will be available for use starting this spring. HTL has chosen Zaplox as their partner for mobile keys, since their solution offers much of what guests require, and is compatible with platforms like iOS and Android. The system for the communication between mobile keys and locks uses the latest energy saving bluetooth low energy standard, BLE.

”To handle keys via mobile phones is a breakthrough in the hotel industry. Key apps open up new possible ways to communicate with guests and will offer them a positive experience already before they arrive at the hotel.” says Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox.

To make the stay even smoother, HTL has completely removed the check-out process. This is possible since the stay is pre-paid.

Digital platforms with a focus on quality

All digital platforms have been created by revising the existing hotel solutions, removing the old and traditional ways with an eye towards the industries that are best at e-commerce and smart check-in. From this, a new user-friendly platform was created as an innovation for its industry, with a simplified booking flow, clear pricing and simple check-in.

To HTL high quality  in all details is fundamental, and the digital experience is no exception.

- We have focused on improving the traveller’s experience and on providing the information they want, while having the courage to remove any unnecessary details. These are key values for HTL as a whole, including our digital platforms, says Gül Heper, Commercial Manager HTL hotels.

Mirroring in the hotel rooms

HTL caters to the new generation of travellers, those who take an individualized media offering for granted. Through wifi the guests can connect  their own device to the LED screen in the rooms to watch their choice of movies and listen to their music. This is made simple with the help of Miracast and Airplay.

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Magnus Friberg, CEO Zaplox , Tel +46 70-658 07 60

Om Zaplox

Zaplox grundades 2010 i Lund och har utvecklat och patentsökt system för att hantera dörrlås med mobiltelefonen. Zaplox använder innovativ teknik och utvecklar nya tjänster för att skapa unik kundnytta i en gammal bransch. Zaplox ger företag över hela världen möjlighet att effektivisera nyckelhantering och att skapa nya tjänster och processer i den egna verksamheten genom användningen av mobila nycklar. System från Zaplox kan installeras för hotellverksamheter, på företag och i privata bostäder. Zaplox ska leda utvecklingen av mobila nycklar och bli en av de större aktörerna i denna nya industri.

Om Zaplox Mobile Key System

Zaplox System fungerar med alla typer av mobiltelefoner i alla teleoperatörers nät. Systemet är tillgängligt dygnet runt, året om och kan styras på distans. Nycklar hämtas med hjälp av en mobilapplikation som finns att ladda ner på Windows Marketplace, Android Market, BlackBerry App World och Apples App Store. Integrationen med kunders befintliga system sker genom Zaplox API och separata gränssnitt för användare och administration. Kommunikationen mellan dörrlås och en lokal Key Manager sker trådburet eller trådlöst via Bluetooth. Zaplox-systemet kan användas parallellt med nyckelkort, dörrtag och fysisk nyckel. Läs mer på