State of Grace

"I think we just made a world record in music distribution"

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 10, 2014 01:41 CEST

State of Grace which is currently located at the festival and conference, Canadian Music Week in Toronto has released a single historical quickly using the new music service Music Kickup. From the moment Push it (live acoustic) was recorded it did not take more than 20 minutes until it was distributed to iTues over almost the entire world. Normally this takes serveral weeks to accomplish.

-  We received a phone call to our hotel room in the morning from Music Kickup who asked if we wanted to release a single and then we knew things were going to be fast. An hour’s taxi ride to pick up a guitar and a fire alarm at Merriot Hotel later we had a recording made through a lap top microphone and the song wa on iTunes before I could put down the guitar in my guitar case, says Erik Ekblad singer in State of Grace.

Online based distribution has been around for a considerable time now, but have normally taken several weeks for the music to appear in the online stores after it has been uploaded. In addition, the distributors usually charge fees or share rights with the authors. The possibility for State of Grace to upload this in such a short time came through Music Kickups launch of its label tools.

- This is the start of a new era for music distribution. Everything is done in no time, it’s free and the best of all is that we keep all rights to our own music. I think we have broken a world record for music distribution. This is independent music for real, Erik Ekblad.

State of Grace has made tour stops this week on Hard Rock Café Toronto and Johnny Jackson’s and will continue touring in Sweden this summer.

Boiler plate

Genre: Rock with electronic influences Members: Erik Ekblad (Vocals, guitar),Hampus Johansson (synth),Johan Nelén (Bass),Erik Johansson (Drums)