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Ib Tinghøj Hansen, First Vice President, Danske Bank, moderator at Source 2 Pay Summit 2016 in Stockholm

Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 14:34 CET

Ib is First Vice President at DanskeBank and has has mainly worked with Change Management and Turn Around processes in different departments. He established Lean focus as a culture in Financial Shared Service Center.

In the summer of 2011 Danske Bank implemented a new ERP-platform (MicroSoft Dynamics AX) as part of the digitalisation of the invoice workflow in Danske Bank. During this process Ib was key responsible for the proper construction of an optimal invoice workflow process.
Ib has further transferred Account Payable and Internal Recharge to Danske Bank Captive in Lithuania.

Ib invites you do benchmark: How is your current system setup 1 behind the source-to-pay process covered today?

You may have chosen one main solution or fragmented into part solutions from different suppliers. In this session you can discuss among peers what is working and why and what can be improved.

  • What is the reason behind the different choices?
  • How closely are Procurement and Finance working together around the development of a system and process setup?
  • Who is working with KPI's to improve the overall process in the S2P flow?
  • What kind of KPI's are you using and what is the linked to the system/process development?

    Ib Tinghøj Hansen, First Vice President, Danske Bank 

Danske Bank in brief
Danske Bank is a Nordic universal bank and one of the leading financial enterprises in
northern Europe.

Danske Bank are headquartered in Copenhagen and operate in 15 countries, offering a full range of banking services in the international financial markets.

Their vision is to become the most trusted financial partner, and Danske Bank are driven by an ambition to create long-term value for all their stakeholders at all times.

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