Icebug AB

Icebug – the best Swedish brand in the sporting goods industry 2013

Press release   •   Jan 20, 2014 15:16 CET

“Through a long and stubborn struggle, they have won heart after heart. Now they have the respect from a whole industry and rarely has an award been so deserved.”
Icebug, from Gothenburg, has won Sportfacks (Sweden’s leading magazine for the sport industry) prize for best Swedish brand in the sporting goods industry. “We are very happy and proud, this award is a recognition that what we do is appreciated”, PR manager Marie Thomasson says.

The story of Icebug started back in 2001 with a brilliant idea. You can read it all in the attached press release - The story of Icebug.

With our traction technologies Icebug has radically improved peoples possibility to be active outdoors all year around. The patented BUGrip-technology is the benchmark when it comes to studded traction and not even pure ice is an obstacle with a BUGrip shoe on! And with the new traction rubber, RB9X, we have also pushed unstudded traction to a whole new level. There’s nothing like it on wet rocks or asphalt, so sharp turns in pouring rain when running won’t slow you down anymore.

We dedicate Sportfacks prize to all Icebug-users out there. Without you we would never have made it this far. Icebugs mission is to “make an impact in the world, inspiring people to a healthier, better looking and happier life, all year round”. All Icebug-users are helping us to spread the word. Friend to friend, voice by voice. That’s how we continue to grow.

But Icebug is still a small company. We can’t compare us to the big dragons. And we shouldn’t. We’re doing this our own way. We’re going to continue making shoes that improve people’s lives.

Thank you so much for all your support over the years!

Icebug is a Swedish shoe brand that started to challenge the global footwear gigants back in 2001. Icebug is driven by innovation, creativity and integrity – a passion for making functional and stylish footwear.