​Inaugural World Championship Announced for Top Mobile Racing Game Mad Skills Motocross 2

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 26, 2016 09:41 CEST

Beginning on October 27, the qualifier for the World Championship will allow hundreds of thousands of players to compete for 12 finalist positions at the World Championship in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Millions play Mad Skills Motocross 2 each month,” says Turborilla CEO Tobias Andersson, “And after the successful weekly competitions we’ve held over the years, we’re excited to hold our first World Championship. We intend to make Mad Skills Motocross 2 one of the leading Esports titles in the world.”

Top Mad Skills Motocross 2 players win as much as $6,000 USD monthly by playing Esports tournaments and challenges in the game. In 2016, players have won over $790,000 USD in Esports contests so far, making Mad Skills Motocross 2 the #1 mobile Esports game in the world when it comes to player winnings (according to public data on esportearnings.com).

The World Championship will feature a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 USD, but the game’s community will be able to increase this amount. Ten percent of all Esports money spent by players in the game during the qualifier will be added to the prize pool.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to do this first World Championship for such a big mobile title as Mad Skills Motocross 2,” says Simon Sundén, VP and Head of Esports at Gumbler. “We look forward to helping it become one of the leading racing Esports in the world.”

The qualifier will start on October 27 and run for 4 weeks to determine the top 12 players in the world. These qualifiers will be invited to travel to Sweden for a Grand Final that will be broadcast live online, on Twitch and Facebook, over the course of two days.

For more information, including the updated prize pool and leaderboards, please go to www.gumbler.com/mx2wc/

For more information, please contact:
Simon Sundén, VP
E-Mail: simon@gumbler.com
Phone: +46 70 267 14 99

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Gumbler is a unique player-to-player Esports platform that makes it possible for any player aged 18 or above to play against friends and other opponents for real money in games they love. The platform is available cross platform - you choose whether you want to play on your mobile, tablet or PC. Gumbler was founded in 2013 by Patrik Nybladh and has had its unique platform on the market since the fall of 2015.

Gumbler consists of 15 employees, and on the board of directors are: Johan Persson, co-founder of MAG Interactive, Simon Sundén, former head of Esports at MTGx.

About Turborilla

Turborilla (www.turborilla.com) is an independent game developer founded in 2006 by Tobias Andersson. Their mission is to work hard to bring joy into the gaming world and turn passion into games. Their office is located in Umea, Sweden, and is always open to anyone who wants to come by and talk about mobile games.