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Increased patient safety with unique technology

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 11, 2012 18:04 CEST

The Swedish MedTech company Bactiguard is launching two new products for infection control at the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress

The Abu Dhabi Medical Congress is the region’s fastest-growing healthcare event. Patient Safety is one of the key focus areas during this congress and Bactiguard is very proud to be a Platinum Sponsor to this event. 

Bactiguard is attending this event for the third time in order to present their solution to infection control and to launch two new products within this field.

Hospital acquired infections are among the top causes of death in the developed countries behind cardio vascular disease, cancer and stroke. Catheter related infections account for a large proportion of healthcare associated infections (HAI) in patients using medical devices, such as central venous catheters (CVC), endotracheal tubes (ET tube or ETT) and urinary catheters (Foley catheters). These infections can lead to serious complications, causing patient suffering as well as increased mortality and healthcare costs. In addition, many of these infections are treated with antibiotics, which increase the risk of emergence and spread of multi-resistant bacteria. To address these problems, Bactiguard has during many years supplied hospitals all over the world with the BIP Foley catheter, a Foley catheter with Bactiguard® coating that reduces bacterial adhesion and colonization on the device and thereby significantly reducing the risk of infection. Bactiguard is now proud to introduce two new products with the unique Bactiguard® coating, the BIP Central Venous Catheter and BIP Endotracheal Tube.

Peter Mårtensson, Bactiguard President Middle East & Africa, is proud to have the opportunity to present the unique Bactiguard technology and launch two new products at the Congress: ”Over 110 million patients worldwide have used our products. I am honored to present to the Middle East Market our two new unique products, the CVC and ETT that can help prevent hospital acquired infections, reduce the use of antibiotics and save money for the hospitals. This Swedish technology is helping hospitals all over the world to reduce infections and we are now hoping it can help hospitals in this region to improve their patient safety and save lives”.

Meet Peter Mårtensson, President Bactiguard Middle East & Africa at the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress on the 14-16th of October at booth 3DO1.

Press contact:

Linda Nyberg, Vice President International Affairs
Tel: +46 8 440 58 64

Bactiguard provides world-leading solutions preventing hospital-acquired infections - the 4th largest cause of death in the western world. By using Bactiguard technology Governments can reduce healthcare cost, lower the use of antibiotics and save lives. The Bactiguard technology consists of an extremely thin noble metal coating, with antimicrobial and biocompatible properties that can be used on all sorts of medical devices. The Bactiguard® coated urinary catheter has since 1995 been used by more than 110 million patients in the US. Today Bactiguard offers a full range portfolio within infection prevention in the urinary tract, respiratory tract and blood stream.