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Increasing problems with spam and virus for small and medium-sized companies

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 25, 2004 11:05 CEST

(Denmark) Problems with spam and virus are constantly increasing, and all the time, the senders show more creativity. This is an area where many of the small and medium-sized companies experience increasing problems, which they have no resources to handle. To avoid destructive e-mails, it is necessary with updated anti spam and anti virus programs. Ementor has developed a new solution, which specifically addresses small and medium-sized companies. The solution, Ementor MailSafe, makes it possible to outsource the IT security connected to companies’ use of e-mail.
Ementor MailSafe is a combined anti virus, anti spam and file solution, which specifically addresses small and medium-sized companies. These companies are often in lack of resources to handle the maintenance of their e-mail and spam scanning internally, and they will therefore achieve great advantages by outsourcing such tasks.

By using Ementor MailSafe, all e-mails sent to the company are scanned before reaching the company’s own server. The solution sorts out e-mails containing spam and virus, thus contributing to prevent the company’s IT system from being loaded with intruding and destructive mails. Ementor is constantly updating the filter in relation to new virus and spam. Ementor MailSafe also includes possibilities for a backup function, where all e-mails are being filed. Accordingly, the company always has access to its e-mail, even if it has been exposed to an IT breakdown. In addition, it is possible for a company to get surveillance and administration of its firewall day and night.

“Just recently, we experience an increasing tendency that companies in the medium-sized market meet problems with the handling of their IT security. Of this reason, they decide to outsource the whole or parts of this area,” says Steen Pedersen, Security Solution Architect, Ementor in Denmark. “With Ementor MailSafe, we have gathered the most important functions to secure the companies’ e-mails in one solution. E-mail has become the most important type of communication for many companies. It is therefore very critical if the e-mail systems break down or are infected with virus or spam. In addition, a lot of work is required from each employee after such an attack, as they have to delete the large number of spam received. With Ementor MailSafe we secure the companies by giving them a constant updated security function within the e-mail area”, he continues.

For further information please contact:
Steen Pedersen, Security Solution Architect, Ementor Danmark A/S, tel. +45 8740 7231, mob. +45 24 29 7231

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