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INmusic festival in Zagreb among world's best summer festivals

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 12, 2013 10:07 CEST

CNN International, has  includedIN Music Festival  on the list of the 50 best festivals in the world.
The British edition of the Times included INmusic on their list of the 20 best summer music festivals in the world for two years in a row.

This year, In MUsic´s camping perks were praised, alongside the festival programme, by the notable American political website The Huffington Post which placed INmusic festival on the list of 10 festivals that you don't want to miss this year.

Famous travel website GlobalGrasshopper did the same thing and placed the  festival on their list of top 10 European music festivals.

The most obvious reason why INmusic festival has gained a great reputation in Europe and around the world are thousands of delighted visitors. INmusic festival is the most visited Croatian festival. In general, it attracts 50 000 visitors each year, 6000 tourists out of which 2000 are foreign visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia... Every year Croatia's capital registers an increase in the number of tourists and we justifiably believe that we play our part in that story.

Amongst others, the Festival welcomed performances by New Order, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinad, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Prodigy, Stereo MC's, Moby, Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, Billy Idol, The Flaming Lips, Alice in Chains, Jamiroquai, Cypres Hill, Mando Diao and many more.

Also, festival performances are available for viewing on the INmusic YouTube channel that increases visibility and the reach of its memorable moments. Last year, 300 000 people viewed our YouTube channel live stream during the festival. Our collaboration with Google enables valuable tourist promotion of Zagreb and Croatia alike. We are working with several foreign and Croatian tourist agencies and creating a solid cultural connection with other European capitals. INmusic is also important for our local community – the festival employs up to 1000 peoples during the festival dates ( which is a valuable contribution in times of economic crisis) and the Festival promotes local food and drinks as well as young and talented artists and designers.

In addition to the amazing and diverse festival program, visitors have the possibility of staying in the popular and praised festival camp (June 21st – June 28th). It hosts over 3000 overnight campers, and last year, nearly 90 % of the camp visitors were foreign tourists.

 Our camp provides complimentary services like hot showers, free WiFi, storage of personal items, and charging stations for electronic devices. Since the camp is located at an island in the middle of the lake, visitors can enjoy swimming and sports like volleyball, soccer, rollerblading, cycling, table tennis, mini golf and many more. There are also additional programs like yoga sessions and massage services, or various workshops, and all visitors have the opportunity to take organized trips to attractive destinations, like the Plitvice lakes or go kayaking on rivers Mrežnica and Una. For the more curious ones who want learn something more about Zagreb's history and familiarize themselves with the heart and soul of the city, they can enjoy a city tour. It can be organized in English or French making the language barriers almost non-existent.

In 2012, music performers and innovative additional programs were cheered on by approximately 50,000 people. For example Balkan stage, dedicated to Balkan cinematography and one of its masterpieces, the movie called “Who's Singin' Over There” and the Retro Party stage were huge at the seventh festival edition, while new original stages and shows are planned for the next edition which will take place June 24th – June 26th 2013. First confirmed performers are Arctic Monkeys, Iggy and the Stooges, Basement Jaxx, Bloc Party, NOFX, Airbourne and several other European bands included in the ETEP program - European Talent Exchange Program - which we are a part of for the second year in a row. Many more performers for this year's edition are yet to be announced. 


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