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Exploring Idea management. How to engage large numbers of persons in a creative idea process without making it too complex. Join Innovation Pioneers 33rd Tank Meeting before it is fully booked.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 04, 2016 09:33 CET

Innovation Pioneers 33rd Tank Meeting will be exploring how to engage large numbers of persons in a creative idea process without making it too complex. Join before it is fully booked.

Increased competition demands increased innovation capabilities. That is why more brains that think in new ways are needed. Those who surprise and dare to stretch limits. Those who wish to contribute to their organisations success.

More and more organisations realize the importance of being able to handle ideas in a structured way as a part of their innovation efforts.

There are different strategies for how you can handle ideas. As an example you can invest in idea management software or do workshops on the topic. There are also various strategies for how to follow up on gathered ideas.

This workshop will adress how to engage a large number of persons in a creative process without making it too complex. Also how to motivate your coworkers and elevate motivation.

The aim for the participants is to get a clear picture on how to engage their coworkers in their idea generation efforts. This will be done through the experiences of our network, research and a joint workshop. The participants will also get a toolbox and insights in what needs to be done in their own organization to get the most out of it.

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Innovation Pioneers is a network founded by innovation leaders and practitioners from consumer, industrial, service and digital industries, experienced in strategic, tactical and operational management of innovation. We have implemented structured innovation as well as managed successful launches of business critical innovations.

Initiated in 2008, the network’s primary annual events include Innovation in Action, the two-day action-oriented Innovation event now in its 6th year, and four single-topic Tank Meetings. The network also produces Innovation in Practice and other learning events as well as joint development projects, including the publication of “Book of Metrics” on measuring innovation.

The Network is lead by 18 Initiating companies that are elected to manage and drive the network. Selected individuals from these companies participate in the continuous development of the network, it’s actions and projects. A chairman is elected on a yearly basis, for 2015 it is Niclas Ingeström of Stena. Our active participants include corporate and individual members. These are in addition to collaborative partners that have included the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

OUR VISION is to build innovation capabilities through joint development and networking between top representatives from the innovation community.

OUR MISSION is to aggregate, produce and develop methodologies, processes, tools and experiences to enable increased innovation capabilities within the represented organizations as well as for society.

OUR GOAL is to spread knowledge, tools and insights around innovation, and thereby contribute to greater effectiveness, better performance and further growth in members’ firms.

Through an expanded network of contacts and joint projects, we share information, experiences, methods and tools, building value for our network companies.