Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 28, 2006 13:40 CET

Danisco’s new interactive concepts are designed for individuals

Interactive ice cream concepts from Danisco are ready to breathe new life into the impulse and take-home sectors.

The leading ingredient and flavour manufacturer’s latest collection of inspirational ideas points ice cream manufacturers in a new direction where mass-market products can accommodate the needs of individual consumers.

“Customice” is the first Danisco collection to provide novel product and packaging concepts with exciting point of sale display ideas that maximise the products’ appeal. With only some 30% of the world’s ice cream sold in supermarkets, the concepts target sales from convenience stores and kiosks where a large proportion of impulse purchases are made.

Personalised ice
“The ever-fracturing consumer market means one size no longer fits all. With “Customice” we aim to suggest ways in which consumers can personalise their ice cream,” says Danisco flavour marketing manager Glenn Stanley.

Generally consumers today want to play a bigger part in shaping food products to their own personal tastes. The “Customice” concepts with their novel formats are a direct response to this trend, which Danisco has also recognised from its own consumer research.

“We are looking at key motivators to purchase and trying to trigger them,” Glenn Stanley explains.

Five concepts
Manufacturers can draw inspiration from the five concepts in the series.

* “Ice Beauty” - rich chocolate ice cream with a pot of fruit sauce containing nutrient-rich acai berries and the energising coenzyme Q10
* “Stackers” - the ultimate ice cream sandwich with individual flavoured layers for consumers to pick and mix
* “Mooderator” - a selection of flavoured syrups that consumers choose to match their desired mood and insert in a special ice cream mood base.
* “Fondue Fun” - a medley of ice cream dippers with chocolate sauce for great party entertainment
* “Patisserie Party” - luxury patisserie-flavoured ice cream, crunchy toppings and fruity preserves that appeal to the creative instinct

“Some of the most successful product launches of recent times have achieved iconic status by satisfying desires and dreams. This is an opportunity that is also open to ice cream. Our concepts demonstrate some of the possibilities,” says Glenn Stanley.

For more information about Danisco’s interactive ice cream concepts, contact glenn.stanley@danisco.com.

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