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Instabridge launches open beta, Samsung and Instabridge announce partnership to simplify Wi-Fi access

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 26, 2012 10:14 CET

Stockholm 26 November 2012: The Swedish startup Instabridge aims to simplify access to the 500 million Wi-Fi hotspots in offices and homes. Today they are launching their first product, an app available exclusively for Android. Instabridge and Samsung are also announcing a partnership to make Wi-Fi more accessible.

Instabridge is building the world's largest Wi-Fi network based on the social graph. The young company recently won both the judges' and the audience award at Internet Discovery Day in Stockholm, and was selected as a top 50 startup at Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Today Samsung and Instabridge announce that they will partner to simplify Wi-Fi access, and Samsung is sponsoring the Instabridge beta launch event tonight in Stockholm.

Instabridge's app lets users log in with their Facebook account and grant friends, family and colleagues access to their Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to use and remember passwords. Instabridge users can request access to any network shared by a friend, or a friend of a friend, making thousands of trusted hotspots available.

Niklas Agevik, CEO of Instabridge, comments: “Most Wi-Fi access is now from smartphones but most Wi-Fi solutions are still laptop centric. We radically simplify access to Wi-Fi networks by building a network based on trust. Users will find themselves using Wi-Fi in new situations, lowering their mobile data usage, increasing battery life and increasing data rates."

As part of the partnership with Samsung, a version of Instabridge specifically made for Samsung NFC enabled smartphones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available later this year at the Samsung Showroom in Stockholm, Kista. Comments Niklas Agevik, "Samsung is a highly innovative company and the world's leading smartphone manufacturer. Working with them will allow us to further develop our platform and make it accessible to even more consumers”.

Patrik Andersson, Samsung Nordic’s sales and marketing manager for corporate solutions, comments: “It’s inspiring to partner with such a forward-thinking company as Instabridge. The solution they have developed finds a new way of addressing the limitations and challenges for Wi-Fi access. Instabridge makes it significantly easier to use Wi-Fi, and connecting to your friends’ Wi-Fi by just tapping your phone against an NFC sticker or performing a simple one-click move is a fantastic user experience”.

Niklas Agevik, CEO. Phone: 072-729 02 92, email:

Instabridge is building the world’s largest Wi-Fi network built on the social graph. The Instabridge app and platform radically simplifies access to Wi-Fi, by allowing consumers to grant and request access at the click of a button instead of dealing with hassle of passwords.

Instabridge has been in private beta since August 2012 and has over 1400 people signed up on the waiting list. It was selected both by the judges and audience at Internet Discovery Day in Stockholm as the most promising startup among 130 companies. It was also selected as a top 50 startup at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Europe's largest startup event.

Instabridge is a seven person company based in Stockholm, Sweden and NYC, United States, founded in April 2012.