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Instoremedia invents a new solution for Copiax

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 19, 2008 14:50 CEST

Copiax asked Instoremedia for a solution that would make it possible for every locksmith to update the digital screens locally. Today Copiax update every screen centrally from headquarters. Instoremedia therefore created a solution in which the text field on the screens can be managed on local level via a web page.

This way it is much easier for Copiax locksmiths to update and control the content of their screens and therefore adjust campaigns and prices to for example weather or type of customer. As a result every Copiax locksmith who wants to display their own specific messages has the possibility to do so.

Copiax is very satisfied with the solution. The ability to locally control which message is presented and when, gives every locksmith the opportunity to maximize the impact of the campaigns and adjust them to the customers' demands in their specific region.

The solution is delivered in cooperation with Instoremedia partner Sync AB


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