Ortivus AB

Interim report January–June 2007

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 20, 2007 16:04 CEST

• Net sales totalled 80.6 (111.7) MSEK.
• Operating profit totalled –13.0 (–13.7) MSEK including restructuring costs of
–2.9 (0.0) MSEK.
• Result after tax totalled –12.8 (–11.7) MSEK.
• Earnings per share before and after dilution totalled –0.62 (–0.81) SEK.
• First partial order for the UK “Connecting for Health” program was received.
• Restructuring of the Swedish operation, provision of 1.5 MSEK charged to result.

• The Board appoints new CEO and president

Within the framework for necessary cost-savings programs, Ortivus has decided to reduce the Swedish operations through personnel cutbacks equivalent to 11 full-time positions, or nearly 30% of the personnel force. Annual savings are estimated at approximately 10 MSEK. The restructuring will be carried out during July and is expected to have an affect in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Company’s market-leading position in Sweden within the cardiology area has been confirmed through an allocation decision for CoroNet in regard to the Umeå University Hospital. The order is expected during the autumn and totals 2.2 MSEK.

During the second quarter, development work for MobiMed ePR (electronic patient record) within the framework for the commitment to the “NHS Connecting for Health” project, was concluded. Ortivus received an initial partial order from Fujitsu in regard to ePR within the framework for this project. The value of the partial order totals approximately 14 MSEK. The project is continuing and the Company is ready for delivery. However, the Company has no possibility of affecting the implementation of the project, why assessments regarding revenues over time are uncertain.

In the Neuss region in Germany, Ortivus, together with six hospitals, insurance companies, and a number of ambulance organisations, has initiated a pilot and cooperative project regarding MobiMed. This will be an important reference system for MobiMed in Germany.

The interim report for Q3 will be published November 12.
A press release of unaudited earning’s figures for 2007 will be published on February 19, 2008

For additional information:
Akbar Seddigh, Chairman, telephone +46 (0) 8-446 45 00, or E-mail; firstname.lastname@ortivus.com
Per Bourn, CFO, telephone +46 (0) 8-446 45 00 or mobile phone 0733-33 99 90, or E-mail; firstname.lastname@ortivus.com

Ortivus AB is a Healthcare IT company that offers information and decision-making support systems for Healthcare, Emergency Services and Public Safety in Europe and North America. Ortivus AB is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Small Cap list and was established in 1985. Ortivus has approximately 160 employees and subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, and the US.