Introducing Call-To-Action buttons!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 22, 2016 16:22 CET

It’s time for another highly requested Sparkle feature release – Call-To-Action buttons!

Great social content can be inspirational and motivational, and with out new CTA buttons, visitors to social hubs can easily purchase the items they see in curated Instagram or Twitter photos.

E-Commerce marketers can place customizable buttons right next to social content on their website to link directly to a SKU product page, shortening the customer’s path between discovery and purchase. Let your fans market your products for you and see how fan-generated content can improve your bottom line.

You can also use the CTA-buttons to direct traffic to a certain action or webpage. Add a dynamic layer to social content and benefit from the results!

The feature is available to all clients now. To start driving social shopping, just login to your Sparkle account!

When you hover over a post, you’ll see the option to ”Edit CTA”. Simply click there and add what URL to point to and the button text.

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