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Italian telecom companies show strong interest in cloud-based process support

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 04, 2012 09:29 CEST

IS Tools participated in "Cloud Computing Milan” organized by Ericsson, TeliaSonera, the Swedish Trade Council, Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Embassy in Italy last week. The event was directed towards invited Telecom operators and large corporations in Italy.

IS Tools was invited to present their powerful cloud platform solution and provide examples of success stories with realized customer benefits and values.

A success story, received with great interest, was the IS Tools efficient cloud-based process support for large-scale projects within Telecom. Customized applications for collaboration, where up-to several hundred users need to share information to effectively coordinate and timely drive activities is a good application example showcasing the benefits and value of an IS Tools based solution.

"It was nice to sense a large interest from the participants in our company and value offering. Italy should be an interesting market for us, with what seems like needs for the type of solutions we are good at. "Johan Barrebo

IS Tools was founded in 1999 as a systems integration and IT consulting services company.In 2001 the company developed its revolutionary platform for cloud based application development and operation using only a web-browser.Launch of cloud service users took place in 2003.

The platform is successfully established as a business critical service for over 60 000 users and handles hundreds of custom applications with over 30 000 client-specific application form.

IS Tools is owned and operated by its founders and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information contact: Johan Barrebo, johan.barrebo @, +46 (0) 70 647 40 16