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Italy a headliner at World Water Week with start-up Eco-Sistemi

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2014 16:08 CEST

The Italian start-up will present during the largest event on water at Stockholm the first ultra-efficient water purifier that uses recycled plastic bottle caps. Savini calls it “an innovative system ideal for humanitarian associations, businesses of all types, and remote communities – applicable everywhere.”


“Water is the gold of the 21st century” is the motto of World Water Week in Stockholm (www.worldwaterweek.org), the largest global event on the future of water organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). Now in its 23rd year, World Water Week attracts more than 200 NGOs, large and small companies from all over the world to discuss new solutions for managing our planet’s water resources, including: World Bank, IUCN, Nestlè, Coca-Cola, ESA- European Space Agency, FAO, HSBC, Rockefeller Foundation, UNEP, UNESCO, VEOLIA.  Conventions and trade shows will be held throughout the week related to conservation and water purification issues.

Italy will be this year’s headliner in sustainable innovation presenting “RCBR-Rotating Cell Biofilm Reactor,” a system of water purification, low-power and small size, which instead of expensive technology uses ordinary recycled plastic bottle caps.

Recycled bottle caps to reclaim wastewater,” explains Dario Savini, CEO of start-up Eco-Sistemi, born out of clean tech incubator, Progetto Manifattura. “The caps function very simply. Instead of expensive pre-printed devices, we use ordinary recycled plastic bottle caps whose shape and material are perfect as “houses” – carriers, in technical terms – where a thick film of bacterial colonies, organisms that eat the “sludge” responsible for sewage, can live and grow. Then, surrounding it we have adapted an efficient container to maximize the yield.”

The Eco-Sistemi team will be at World Water Week to present the invention and other products (sector B04:20 Exposition Hall), and to meet businesses and NGOs. A full-scale prototype of the machine RCBR-Rotating Cell Biofilm Reactor will be available for viewing (www.rcbr-water.com).

As mentioned, RCBR is an ultra-compact and economic system for treating municipal and industrial wastewater, reusing plastic bottle caps, reclaiming polluted water. This new technology, patented in Italy with a PCT extension (worldwide), completely solves the problem of eco-friendly biodegradable wastewater treatment where for geographic or economic reasons it is impossible to connect to the municipal sewer system.

“The system is particularly of interest to developing countries and NGOs working in the field of water security, given the limited costs and sustainability.” Continues Savini. “But it is also for mountain communities where large systems are not easy to install, for companies with significant quantities of wastewater seeking sustainable systems, or for municipalities desiring to reduce costs and limit environmental impact.”

ECO-SISTEMI has to its credit a gold medal award from Start-Cup Milano Lombardia 2012 for the Clean Tech sector, and a silver medal award from Euregio Trentino Alto Adige 2013. It also gained funding through Seed Money EU FESR 2007-2013 from the Autonomous Province of Trento to realize the prototype RCBR machine. In Spring-Summer 2014 Eco-Sistemi realized and put on the market its RCBR machine, which will be presented to an international audience for the first time at World Water Week in Stockholm. 


For more information please contact Emanuele Bompan, emanuele.bompan@gmail.com

Embassy of Italy in Sweden