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Its Lights off For Microsoft exchange at Serena!

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 14, 2009 14:52 CEST

Serena Software Moves 700 Employees to Google Gmail - All In One Day

It's Lights Off For Microsoft Exchange at Serena

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - March , 2009 - Serena Software's IT manager, Ron Brister, turned off the company's Microsoft Exchange server on Monday, March 9, finalizing the company's move to Google Gmail as its corporate email standard. In one day, Serena successfully moved more than 700 people around the world to Gmail. They called it "G-Day."

"It's remarkable how quickly and easily Serena Software moved more than 700 employees to Google Apps," said Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager, Google. "We were impressed with their efficient transition, and the result is reflective of the fast innovation made possible by cloud computing."

Why Gmail Makes the Most Cents

For Serena Software's CEO, Jeremy Burton, the move to Gmail made perfect sense. He was spending a hefty amount of his IT budget on Microsoft products and the licensing fee was about to see a steep increase. About a year ago he started looking for an alternative and eventually he came to believe that moving to Google was a no-brainer.

"Any company that is not considering making the move to Gmail should seriously reconsider," said CEO Burton. "The functionality of Gmail is good enough. And the fact that our projected savings are up to $1 million over the next three years is reason enough to make the change."

How Serena Did It

Ron Brister, Serena's IT manager, was initially resistant to the concept of Gmail as the company's enterprise standard, but his CEO had mandated the change. As Brister investigated Gmail further, his concerns disappeared and he effectively championed the idea around the company. Brister worked closely with his IT team to prepare a detailed four-week rollout plan leading up to "G-Day." The task force communicated regularly with employees to prepare them for the migration. And, in keeping with the company's spirit of innovation, they created 20 do-it-yourself (DIY) videos to help Serena employees feel empowered to make the transition themselves.

While the IT team took many steps to ensure a smooth migration, they still anticipated a barrage of support calls and trouble tickets on G-Day and at least one week after. Therefore, Brister assigned 13 IT pros to man the phones and help desk around the clock as of Monday, March 9. Surprisingly, the calls only trickled in - mainly from people who had forgotten their passwords. Brister says the hours of preparation paid off tenfold for the IT team.

"We were planning to have four IT members on call, 24 hours a day for three days," said Brister. "We ended up needing only two IT guys for three hours - total. The transition was nearly seamless."

Serena is pleased with the outcome and encourages other large companies to assess whether Gmail is right for them. To that end, Serena is making its rollout plan and DIY videos available for public use.

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