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Jacobsen Beer

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 25, 2010 11:15 CEST

One of my favourites among them all and my absolute favourite when it comes to beer, even though I’m not a devoted fan of beer, is Jacobsen from Carlsberg.
Its taste is so delicate and not the typical strong beer taste. And that goes for all their different beer types. The beer from Jacobsen is a competitor to wine, and is supposed to be drunk together with food, like wine, and it is not a beer that you drink fast. Another reason why Jacobsen is to be drunk slowly as wine is because of the high alcohol content, it’s much higher than a normal beer with its seven percent.
Jacobsen has seven different beer types; it ranges from dark lager and brown ale to saaz blonde.

At the beer festival I tried Jacobsen Saaz Blonde, which I previous tasted several years ago at Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen Denmark.
It’s my absolute favourite. It has a sweet taste to it and the liquid easily rinse down your throat. Jacobsen Saaz Blonde is a light beer, blonde coming from Belgium and the French word for light, saaz from the Czech hops.

The foam is round and rich with a golden colour; the taste of the beer has a slightly bitter taste of clove but yet a sweet honey taste with a bubbly feeling against your tongue. The smell is very fruity with a hint of malt and hops.
Jacobsen Saaz Blonde works as perfectly with white fish or a piece of toast as together with a veal steak or a turkey. Because of its bitter taste the beer also works very well with all sorts of warm cabbage. However, the absolute perfect match is a fried chicken with roasted potatoes.