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Jan Colliander is appointed new chairman of the board for Sensebit AB

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 08, 2014 13:35 CEST

As a result of the acquisition of Vectura Trafik to the subsidiary Trafikia, Sensebit continues to widen its portfolio of services in the Nordic region. To increase knowledge and experience within the new areas of business, former CEO of Vectura Consulting Jan Colliander, is appointed new chairman of the board.

Jan Colliander has extensive experience within the technical consulting industry where he, among other things, has worked as head of the Swedish Transport Administrations consulting department, CEO of Atkins Sverige and CEO of Vectura Consulting. As Sensebits new subsidiary Trafikia was formerly a part of Vectura Consulting, Jan knows the company and the business well.

–  It is with very positive expectations that I have accepted the appointment as chairman of the board for Sensebit AB. The market for traffic information is developing rapidly and is becoming an essential part of the infrastructure needed for a prosperous society. Sensebit is developing the new technology within the area, technology and products that are now being launched internationally. With the acquisition of the new subsidiary Trafikia, which is the market leader in Sweden within traffic information collection and analysis, Sensebit stays in the forefront of the business says Jan Colliander, chairman of the board for Sensebit AB.

For more information: 

Jan Colliander – Chairman of the board for Sensebit AB, +46 73-029 43 01

Fredrik Zettergren – CEO Sensebit AB, +46 70-55 29 607

Mats Hagström – CEO Trafikia AB, +46 70-606 31 60

About Sensebit

Sensebit AB develops and markets products within the wireless sensor networks field with a focus on traffic information. Through development of the next generation traffic data collection systems, the company assists national and local traffic authorities in achieving a detailed view of the traffic situation without high cost or disturbances in traffic. Sensebits system for traffic data collection has quickly gained widespread attention and is today installed in seven countries.


About Trafikia

Trafikia AB is Sweden’s largest company within the traffic information field. By combining tailored measurement solutions with experienced personnel, local and national authorities are offered support throughout the whole process of understanding their traffic. The company has local offices at seven locations in Sweden, from Luleå in the north to Kristianstad in the south.