​Jasmine Kara Calls back again!

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 26, 2019 04:24 CEST

Jasmine Kara have done almost all the biggest TV shows, radio and media in Sweden, been Swedish Radio p3 gold nominated, performed at the Swedish Grammys 2 times etc.

She have also done a lot of radio appearences and performances in the UK, such as BBC like ”Weekend Wogan” Robert Elms, Chris Evans Breakfast show, had a number 1 and 5 at the same time on iTunes UK bluestoplist. The 4th most played song on NRK1 in Norway 2011 and 2 top 10 in Japan on Tokyo Hot 100 topplist, toured there in Japan twice and in England as well, been featured in Irans biggest radio RadioJavan and TV channel Manoto etc.

She lives in New York but traveling a lot all the time, independent and doing gigs almost all summer on festivals and other gigs. Her live performance is what she is known for the most. She's a real dynamite on stage and they call her "The little woman with the big voice”. She is known to be a workaholic, true performer and a musician that is not scared to break the rules of what can or can’t be done.

A few months ago she released the single ”Smile” in three different languages, English, Persian and Spanish (”Labkhand” and ”Risas”) and all of them received great media attention.

”Smile” was premiered at ”Lotta på Liseberg” and ”Malou efter tio” on TV4 Sweden, followed with many more performances on TV, Radio and live.

Labkhand, the Persian version was featured on all the biggest Persian networks like ”Voice of America”, ”Manoto TV - Echo Show”, ”Bia2”, and was premiered on Iran’s biggest radio, not only in Iran but also for the 6 million other Persian followers around the world of ”RadioJavan”.

Also 3 different music videos were shoot and released on youtube to the 3 different languages.

This song, ”Nunca Llamas” is the Spanish version of ”Call Back” that released 2 weeks ago on Spotify and the video about a week ago. The single has received great response from the fans on instagram and as audience, as well as Spotify who added ”Call back” to New Music Friday Sweden and other playlists, other media interviews, performaces with big choirs etc.

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