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Jernhusen aims for more efficient logistics flow at Årsta Intermodal Terminal with new cranes

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 06, 2012 07:00 CET

As a further step in the modernization of Årsta Intermodal Terminal, Jernhusen has purchased new cranes from the Austrian crane supplier, Hans Künz GmbH. Two gantry cranes for intermodal unit load carriers are on order for delivery in Autumn 2013.

The new cranes will have a span of more than 50 m and weigh about 400 tons each. They will be delivered in the autumn of 2013, to start operating by the end of 2013/2014. The cost, in the region of 60 million SEK, means that Jernhusen is continuing to invest in processing equipment to improve efficiency at the terminal while the general business environment improves.

- This is a great investment that will ensure efficient logistics flow to and from Stockholm for a long time to come. To ensure that we got a good product, we hired national and international expertise, both for producing the specification and for evaluating the suppliers, says Micael Svensson, Business Area Manager for Cargo in Jernhusen.

Replacing diesel trucks with electric gantry cranes reduces the environmental impact when it comes to emissions and also wear and tear to the terminal floor. These new cranes deal with more units over a smaller area compared to mobile handling equipment. This has been a prerequisite in Jernhusen’s efforts to build two new trans-shipment warehouses inside the intermodal terminal.

The cranes will be operational by the regular terminal operator, Logent

For more information:
Hans Redig Bolin, Business Developer, Cargo, Jernhusen, 070-416 08 63
Micael Svensson, Manager, Business Area Cargo, Jernhusen, 070-724 29 33

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