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Jessica Folcker Named New Sustainability Ambassador at The Sprinkle Group

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 12, 2019 16:01 CEST

Jessica Folcker, formerly known as The Sprinkle Group’s assistant influencer/blogger, has been promoted to Sustainability Ambassador. This is a new role within The Sprinkle Group that aims to ensure that the company is constantly maintaining eco-friendly business standards in the workplace and promoting awareness for our current environmental crisis.

As Sustainability Ambassador, Jessica has her hand in each of Sprinkle’s subsidiary companies. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to: striving to create sustainable business solutions by generating new ideas, establishing partnerships, and promoting information about sustainable research and practices with the Sprinkle network.

 "This is a very engaging task and exactly what I want to do. There is nothing more important today than to reverse the global warning and make sure we never go back to the careless greed of last century industrialism. Therefore I am sure I will be a very dedicated sustainability ambassador at Sprinkle!", states Jessica. 

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