Story Hotel

JON REX NEW ORLEANS FUNK (live) @ Story Hotel Stockholm

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 10, 2013 17:53 CEST

From a mother's womb at New Orleans' French Quarter spreads Jon Rex New Orleans Funk, playing his swamp jazz and joyful vibes every Friday evening. 

The message is crystal clear: 

Enjoy life as long as you can (while the schnapps and the rhythm sets in and captures the listener) 

There is no tomorrow!

Over the summer, with plenty of friends, family, and the best of the best of what the city possesses, the talent spins Mr. Rex and his stories at Story Hotel Stockholm.

During their "Happy Hour," after the work week on Fridays from kl. 17.00 to 19.00, get your ordered ethanol for half price.

On a side note... If you're lucky, you might get stuck on the silver screen in any of his movies, or in black and white in any of his poems. Werewolf 2 is soon to be recorded this summer at Story Hotel.