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JUST FOR YOU featuring Alessandro Calce

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2016 14:07 CET

featuring Alessandro Calce
2016©JustForYo Co-Productions

Alessandro Calce: Vocals, guitar and arrangements
Giampiero Virtuoso: Drums, bass guitar, arrangements and mixing
Torbjorn Gideskog: Lyrics & theme

JUST FOR YOU is the story of someone waiting for his love through the seasons, living with the gripping memory of the last date - and all that wasn’t shared. Hoping and with a strong desire to give something more. “And give you my love something new”.

JUST FOR YOU would be best recognized as a Rock-Folk-Country fusion.

The tune of the chorus of the song, is inspired by and a tribute to an old and great American folk song, at least from the 1870th. Performed and recorded in a long line of interpretations and versions since then – under many names.

JUST FOR YOU is also a humble tribute to a man who took the folksong tradition to a completely new level – giving the world the most beautiful songs ever been heard. Leonard Cohen.

JUST FOR YOU is a cross Europe collaboration, between the artists and musicians Alessandro Calce and Giampiero Virtuoso from Italy and the Swedish lyricist Torbjorn Gideskog. Recorded in Acoustic Sound Recording Studios (Salerno).

Alessandro Calce is one of Europe's leading classical Italian guitarists and a distinguished vocalist, having performed all over the world for the last two and a half decades. Today he is also one of Europe’s top songwriter/producers.

Giampiero Virtuoso is a rare combination of a prominent touring musician; a professional drummer and an accomplished studio/sound engineer. During the years he has also been a member of several jazz bands.

Torbjorn Gideskog is a refined lyricist from Sweden, focused on writing small stories of life and love – and in order to set the lyrics into great music collaborates with the best composers and musicians.

The collaboration between the three will continue. 

JUST FOR YOU is soon available in worldwide streaming stores.

Play JUST FOR YOU on Soundcloud (during the launch)

          JUST FOR YOU lyrics awarded in the International Songwriting Competition 2015



It was dark when you came in the evening.

It was light when you left as a breeze.

And I waited all night for the token

and to give you some more than the tease.


was feeling the heat in the summer,

when I looked for your track in the sand.

And the hair you left on the pillow,

was a fuse who would light in my hand.


was longing for you in the autumn

and I hoped for your voice and the ring.

And I tried to stay put when the birds flew

and no angels wanted to sing.


And I waited for you in the winter,

when the cold filled my heart for a while.

And the sky tried to carry the burden

but the ice wouldn’t melt from my smile.


Are you there when the water will ripple,

are you there to uncover the truth?

Will you show me the way to the garden

with the flowers and herbs and the youth?


I wanted to upgrade myself for the season,

I wanted to restart myself just for you.

Wanted to glow like the sun in the morning

and give you, my love, something new

2015©Torbjorn Gideskog

Label: JustForYou Co-Productions ISRC#: TCACT1619205 UPC: 859718680611                                                     Primary Genre: Rock Secondary Genre: Country Language: English

2016©JustForYo Co-Productions

JustForYou Co-Productions: Creating fusion music, between genres and times. A cross Europe Collaboration. 2016©JustForYo Co-Productions JUST FOR YOU