Reused Remade AB

Katarina Martinson invests in the future of environmentally friendly textile bags

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 02, 2019 16:37 CEST

Reused Remade was founded in 2016 by Pia Walter and Josephine Alhanko. The company has developed a unique method in upcycling reused hotel sheets to create the most environmentally friendly textile bags.

-Through this capital injection we want to enable the expansion and establishment of the product in new markets, by developing a circular system for retail and e-commerce, and therefore seriously competing with the use of plastic bags, says cofounder and CEO Pia Walter.

Systembolaget (Swedish national liquor store with over 400 stores throughout the country) and ICA (the biggest supermarket chain in Sweden with over 1300 stores), were first in selling the environmentally friendly textile bags. The ambition is to replace the majority of bags in Sweden but also internationally. Now Katarina Martinson has joined the business as an investor, in order to meet those goals.

-I see three reasons why this is a good investment. Firstly, I believe in the product where there is a clear gap in the market. Secondly, I believe in a sustainable business model in both meanings of the word, and finally I believe in the team, which is always a major factor in startup investments, says Katarina Martinson, from Lundbergföretagen, one of the largest, family owned conglomerates in Sweden.

-Both Pia and I are so happy that Katarina has now joined as part owner together with the existing team, which today is made up of the co-founders as well as Bonvent Holdings AB, says Josephine Alhanko, co-founder and Head of Sales.

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