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King of Nordic continues to celebrate new talents within Esports with season 5 of King of Nordic CS:GO

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 28, 2016 10:59 CEST

Bigger and better

After four seasons, 48 finals, over 3.7 Million video starts and thousands of players participating in the tournament the first year, King of Nordic is returning, and we’re bigger and better than ever before. We’re adding a prize pool four times the size of previous seasons, making the total amount 10.000 euro.

By introducing Iceland as a new country to the tournament and Norway’s biggest gaming and Esports site as new qualifying partner for Norway, we can look forward to a new season with exciting players to discover in the Nordic scene. King of Nordic announces that season five will deliver entertainment and exciting matches for 10 episodes to come.

“We have seen a lot of unknown players entering the elite scene after participating in King of Nordic. So this season we are focusing more on the up and coming players of the tournament and will bring more in depth player profile, statistics and interviews. I see that as our mission. Building new stars of tomorrow.“ - Says Christer “MrMouse” Körnbäck, Founder KoN

The new season five will start on Friday the 28th of October. Players that are interested in participating in the tournament should contact the local qualifiers as soon as possible. Players can register online (Sweden), (Norway), (Denmark), (Finland) (Iceland)

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About King of Nordic

King of Nordic is a national Nordic esport tournament. The “king of the hill” structure means that the winning nation remains on the throne as kings in anticipation of next week's contenders. The reigning champion will earn a greater prizepool each week, and presents a bigger target for the other contending nations.

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