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King of Nordic goes IRL this summer!

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 04, 2016 15:46 CEST

At the new E-sport event DigitalityX Stavanger Norway you can now meet us IRL. The event will offer a cash pool of minimum 150,000 NOK and VIP treatment for all the pre-qualified players. The winners of the qualifiers will be our guest at Scandic Forum Hotel for the duration of the event, and have access to our VIP and Game lounges.

  • We are happy to come visit DigitalityX as our first LAN final ever. This is a natural way for us in making King of Nordic a growing platform. With the normal setup of 4-6 weekly qualifiers we will be able to Hype up the event and not making it a one shot event. Our vision is to be one of the best events in the LAN and E-sports entertainment in the region, says Rikard Franzen at ESEN.

Except for the King of Nordic tournament ESEN will also produce the DigitalityX League of Legends, Cosplay and HeartStone events. Our vision is to make one of the BEST LAN- and E-sport events in cooperation with all who have a desire to increase the level of E-sports in Norway. The event will house 1500 LAN participants and also have tickets for day visitors. Being a summer event there will be outdoor events such as rappelling, climbing and water balloon fights.

  • DigitalityX will take gaming to new heights next summer and we promise gaming, game-based competitions, socializing, stage shows and much more! Our goal is to create a unique venue for promoting LAN and E-sports environment in the Nordic region, and we will inspire the visitors with experiences, activity, creativity and commitment, says Brita at Stavanger Forum.

DigitalityX is a close collaboration between Stavanger Forum and Geek Crew. Stavanger Forum is one of Norway's largest conference center and exhibit space. The new exhibition hall, Forum Expo offers 5000 new square meters that can be used for exhibitions, concerts and large demanding event. Geek Crew is a non profit that aims to create drug-free events for youth. They have extensive experience arranging LAN parties, and is behind RogaHack, MadlaLAN and Gamer World LAN. To find out more of the event please visit or

Om King of Nordic

King of Nordic är en nordisk e‐sportsturnering med huvudsyftet att nå en bredare grupp spelare till att delta i

turneringsspel. Förhoppningen är att tävlingsinriktade spelare ska erbjudas en plattform där de kan uppnå

framgångar och potentiellt bli erkända inom e‐sportsvärlden. King of Nordic ger lag och talanger en chans att

synas i rampljuset. King of Nordics är producerad av Electronic Sports Entertainment Nordic AB.