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Klikki and Volvo Personvagnar in collaboration regarding the launch of the new Volvo V40

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 15, 2012 08:54 CET

Klikki, the leading search marketing company in the Nordic region and Volvo Personvagnar has initiated a collaboration regarding the launch of the new Volvo V40.

Volvos new car model, Volvo V40, was launched on Tuesday the 6th of March at a motor show in Geneva. In conjunction with the launch activities Volvo identified visibility in the search engines, such as Google, as a central activity and selected Klikki as partner for the project.

- Volvo has been on the list of dream clients for a long time – says Mattias Falkendal, CEO at Klikki. The combination of a strong engaging global brand, exciting products and active marketing are perfect conditions to succeed in search.   Today Klikki is working as media partner for several of the Nordics leading brands with the mission to optimize the client’s investments in search, social media, display and web analytics.  

- The web is the main source for information when a consumer considers buying a car. There is a direct correlation between increased presence in search engines and sales of cars. By investing in increased visibility in search, Volvo can ensure that important leads won’t be lost, Mattias Falkendal continues.   For more information, please contact;

Mattias Falkendal, CEO, Klikki
+46 70 653 06 98

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