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Kombispel launches online games where Playscan is available from day one.

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 17, 2012 15:47 CEST

When the Swedish lottery Kombispel goes online with bingo, mini-games, scratch tickets and there game "Bonus Chansen" it will be in combination with the consumer protection tool Playscan from day one. The system helps players to understand and control their gambling habits

Kombispel will be the first lottery in the world where the players from day one can use Playscan. In earlier versions of Playscan it has been necessary to collect data during six months before Playscan has been able to provide a result for the player.

- Internet is the growth market in gambling. Thus it feels good that we now can provide our customers with a wide range of fun and entertaining games in a safe and responsible environment, where Playscan is a natural part of the offer, says Anders Jansson, CEO of Kombispel.

In the preparations for the launch, Playscan has always been a natural part of the offer. The players own view of their game, and their actual gambling habits, are taken into account when analyzing how players gambling habits change over time.

-  We have strived to be a natural building block of a lottery’s responsible gambling offering online. Thus it is with great pleasure that Kombispel will become the first operator that has Playscan as a part of their offering from day one, says Ann-Sofie Olsson, CEO Playscan AB.


For more information contact

Ann-Sofie Olsson, CEO Playscan AB
Mobil: +46-70-602 69 88

For more information about Kombispel visit or contact

Anders Jansson, CEO Kombispel
Phone: +46 70-728 37 77

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