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Komerse, a new client to GH, Inc Marketing.

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 27, 2012 14:00 CEST

GH, Inc is proud to begin collaboration with Komerse, the men’s clothing brand.

GH, Inc will be creating and developing the sales, brand and marketing
strategy for Komerse.

Komerse is a men’s clothing line, which originated in the mid 1900’s
as a statement and is now being developed as a brand.

The underwear is planned for launch spring 2012, in select locations
within Europe. Sign up for more updates on

March 2012

GH, Inc. works closely with the client to understand the current financial, operational and marketing structures. GH, Inc. will look at operations, product lines, distribution channels, contracts, pricing, corporate and the brand profile, as well as all the elements that influence and define the success of the company. In this partnership with the client, GH, Inc will develop and implement a strategic marketing
plan, which will be the base for solid expansion and make marketing the DNA of the organization.
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Strategic Marketing Planning, International Growth, Strategic Marketing Execution, Creative Direction.