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KTS will deliver GuardTools® certified students.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 05, 2013 19:17 CET

Copenhagen, 5th February 2013. The Danish education institute Copenhagen Technical College (KTS) has realised that introducing IT into the manned guarding industry will improve the security industry and also rise the status for the profession as a whole. Studying the market, KTS found GuardTools® from Blue Mobile Systems to be a new solution available to the Danish market. After signing a contract early January, the school will now offer its students the possibility to become GuardTools® certified.

“Introducing GuardTools® to our students as part of our curriculum is exciting for our school. It can really be seen as part of linking our courses and programs to the ever changing real world. We are really happy to take this next modernisation step in our trainings focused on the security industry”, says Kira Carlbäch Nielsen, Head of Education at the department for Construction and User Service.

Fini Hansen, responsible for training and education at the section Security Guard  adds: “Having listened to a number of Danish manned guarding companies, I realised that some of them were increasing their competitive focus back to the clients. They have chosen to counter the price fight in the industry with quality services that include real time, transparent security information towards their client base. It felt obvious I had to teach my students in these topics”.

Björn Andersson, training responsible for GuardTools® introduced the teachers and students at the school to the system. “Teaching the teachers at the school, together with our founder Peter Andreasson, was a really nice experience. The teachers combine teaching talent with a well anchored understanding of the industry. And their enthusiasm for introducing GuardTools® presented us with an easy job. It is also very rewarding for us to see KTS soon delivering “GuardTools® certified” students into our industry in Denmark”.

Copenhagen Technical College (KTS) is a vocational technical school, known for its broad scope and high standards. Taking social development and the business sector as its point of departure, KTS educates people to tackle the demands of a globalised world. It is important to the school to respond to new technology. KTS generates pride; KTS is innovative and KTS shows initiative.

Focusing on the Security and Manned guarding sector, Blue Mobile Systems has top quality businesses in Scandinavia and Europe that apply GuardTools® into the whole of their operations. The GuardTools® product offers full process operations support and comprises three applications: GuardTools® Mobile for the guard in the field, GuardTools® Web, offering a content rich web portal to the end-clients and GuardTools® Office with broad operational support for management within manned guarding and security companies.

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