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LA MODULOR versa Le Modulor

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 27, 2014 09:16 CEST

Agneta Eriksson Hilden born in Gävle in 1959, exhibitions in Sweden and internationally with their study LA Modulor .The study is based on Le Modulor , the French architect who is considered the father of modernism of Le Corbusier, the study of the measure of all .

Agneta artstudy is based on senses, registerations of her own body and mind in order to change the male starting point to becoming a female 's own expression . For example, studies by Le Corbusier , Palladio, Vitruvius , etc. The old grammar of architecture in a male historiography .

The study is available as paintings, acrylic on canvas, but also provides a special expression in her architecture

Agneta Eriksson Hilden men " For me, art and architecture at a deeper level within humans living as archetypes and where can I problematize the difference between the female and male context in architecture and art '

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What is impossible and unusual is exploring is a STATEMENT

Agneta Eriksson Hilden exhibit in New York London Copenhagen mm

Agneta Eriksson Hilden has Published the awarded book and others about VILLA SPIES

about the round house on Torö as a landed UFO in the Stockholm archipelago.

Rebecca Wilson Directorates / curator at Saatchiart has made selection of her paintings in a Collection

He has received a lot of attention and awards for his work in architecture and art in Sweden and internationally

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